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Orha duren is one of the main characters who appears in magna carta tears of blood. Age 27. Although calintz appears in both magna carta the phantom of avalanche and tears of blood the calintz in these series have similar appearances but their history family and universe is all entirely different. Magna carta tears of blood also known as magna carta crimson stigmata in south korea or simply magna carta in europe is a roleplaying game developed by banpresto and softmax and released for the playstation 2 video game console. Serina is one of the characters who appears in magna carta tears of blood. She is the twin sister of reith. During the absence of the real queen amila serina posed as the queen to refrain from having panic grow in the yason populace. This article is a infobox stub. You can help pcsx2 wiki by adding information to the infobox. This place is deserted please consider editing the pcsx2 wiki at rather than here.

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Welcome to the magna carta wiki this wiki is a collaborative website about the magna carta series that anyone can contribute to there are currently 95 articles and 105 files on the magna carta wiki. Reith is the heroine and one of the main protagonists in magna carta tears of blood. Even though she has amnesia when she finds calintz injured she heals him. From then on she travels with him and the other members of the tears of blood. Magnacarta 2. It is a followup to the roleplaying video games magna carta. Crimson stigmata released on the playstation 2.. The magna carta is an english document stored in the national archives. The document can be found in the archives secure wing east.